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Discover the potential of the Mastercycler® X40 in your own lab.

Big Results in a Small Footprint with Mastercycler® X40

With the Mastercycler® X40 your daily lab routines will not only be reliable and efficient but elevated: Our new product offers proven reliability and the high-quality thermal cycler is now available for every lab. Discover the Mastercycler® X40 and all its advantages that will raise your work to a new standard.

Set it up

Watch how to set up the ideal PCR spot in your lab. We show what is needed to prepare your PCR samples. Every tool or device should be kept exclusively in the PCR area to prevent contamination of the samples.
The Eppendorf Mastercycler® X40 leads your standard PCR into a new era. The futuristic design is paired with known quality. The performance of the reliable aluminum block is developed for excellent temperature homogeneity. A 12-column gradient offers fast PCR optimization. You can use the gradient in whatever temperature step you wish, e.g. denaturation or annealing.

Programs from older Mastercycler models can easily be imported via USB port in front of the device, or program migration feature. Use the program migration feature of Mastercycler® X40 also to transfer protocols from other slower cycler models. The ramp rates automatically adjust to the total runtime your other cycler needed for the PCR run, so that you can start right away and your PCR runs as you are used too without optimization of the protocol.

All Mastercycler® X40 programming is done fast, intuitive, and comfortably. Therefore, only a quick start guide is packed with the device.
The full manual is available via QR code online. That means less printed paper to be more sustainable. A chemical resistant glass surface touchscreen guarantees easy cleaning and disinfection of Mastercycler® X40.

The well-established user interface offers multiple options to program ideal conditions for different types of PCR protocols, e.g. 3-step, nested, or gradient PCR. Its 4 temperature modes enable you to always have the ideal temperature conditions for your sample volume.

The lid handle of Mastercycler® X40 can be operated ergonomically with one hand and the SafeLid adapts to apply the perfect pressure on your samples for evaporation protection. 0.1 mL, 0.2 mL tubes and tubestrips, or any type of PCR plate – skirted, semi-skirted and unskirted plates – can be used. All in a thermal cycler that is only slightly larger than a piece of paper and weighs just 7.25 kg.

What our customers say

„Overall, the X40 was successful in providing high quality amplification …“

Our lab utilized the X40 for testing the prototype prior to launching it on the market. I ran gDNA samples to test sample amplification, ramp rates and quality of results. Overall, the X40 was successful in providing high quality amplification which was found to be highly specific to the target area in the samples tested. Reduced double banding was obviously seen when comparing gel electrophoresis images. Also, the footprint and weight of the X40 was light and was smaller in width, making it an easy fit in any lab.

Sarah Burton
Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Chicago, USA

„The model was easy to setup and use.“

Our lab found the X40 to be satisfactory in amplifying gDNA with impressive specificity and consistency. The model was easy to setup and use. It also occupied less space on our already crowded benchtops, due to its smaller footprint. Overall, we found it fulfilled all our needs for genomic DNA amplification whether on a 96-well plate or PCR tube strip.

Zoë Reynolds
Marine Biological Laboratory, University of Chicago, USA

How will the new Mastercycler® X40 support you? Try it now.

Discover the potential of the Mastercycler® X40 in your own lab. Let us visit you with the new cycler for testing your own protocols directly in a demo.

Raise your standard

of reproducible, reliable end-point PCR with the new Mastercycler® X40