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Pipette Manager - Connected Pipette System

Product Information

Enhance your pipetting routines with the Eppendorf Pipette Manager. Set volumes quickly via touch screen, benefit from predefined pipette settings for volatile, viscous and other challenging liquids and digitally document your pipetting activities. The standalone plug'n'play system connects up to 30 Eppendorf Xplorer®, Xplorer plus or Move It® electronic pipettes and tablets.
Who doesn't enjoy greater freedom and convenience when it comes to pipetting? Be ahead of the curve! Switch to connected electronic pipettes and boost your individual pipetting skills while bringing teamwork up to a new level.

• How fast can you set the parameters in your electronic pipette? You can be faster by selecting your volume and pipetting speed via touch screen
• How accurate are your results when pipetting challenging liquids? You can be more accurate with pre-defined and customizable settings for challenging liquid types
• How do you document your pipetting steps? You can be confident with digital records of your pipette activities

Simplify your pipetting routines with the Pipette Manager!

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Products (2)

Spare Parts (2)

    • a control panel with touch screen allowing to set up connected electronic pipettes
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    Catalog no. 1004000001
    € 1,065.00

      • WiFi module to connect Eppendorf electronic pipettes to the Pipette Manager
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      Catalog no. 4861000970
      € 88.80

      Product Information



      Upgrade to connected electronic pipettes and benefit from more ease of use, pre-defined settings and digital documentation

      The Pipette Manager is a standalone control panel with touch screen to manage Eppendorf Xplorer®, Eppendorf Xplorer®plus and Move It®electronic pipettes via a dedicated, secure WiFi network. Enjoy faster operation, increased reproducibility and digital documentation of every step. Discover the Pipette Manager connected electronic pipette system via the digital demo tool and experience a new era of electronic pipetting.

      Be faster with touch screen operation

      Quickly and easily input pipetting volumes and speeds via the Pipette Manager's touch screen. All settings will be immediately transferred to the selected connected electronic pipettes to start pipetting right away – no complicated pre-programming required! See how easy it is in this video.

      Be more accurate when pipetting challenging liquids

      Let the software-embedded »Liquid Manager« select optimal pipetting settings for you (e.g., pre-wetting, aspiration & dispensing speed) when working with viscous, volatile and other challenging liquid types.
      Choose from predefined Eppendorf liquid types, such as ethanol, enzymes/antibodies or Tween® 20 and create your own custom liquid types. Watch an example in this video or experience it yourself with our digital demo tool.

      Be confident with digital documentation

      Automatically document each pipetting step and easily export your records as professional PDF document via USB. The recordings contain information such as the time, serial number of the pipette, pipetting mode, volume, and selected liquid type for every pipetting step. Learn more with our digital demo tool.

      Be better organized in the lab

      Manage your pipette fleet more effectively and enhance collaboration within teams. The »Pipette Set« feature enables you to group your connected devices, view all available electronic pipettes in your set at a glance, and send settings to all of them simultaneously, ensuring readiness for any upcoming pipetting task. Additionally, with »Liquid Type Sharing«, you can exchange custom liquid types with other Pipette Manager users via WiFi or USB. Discover how with our video.

      Be up to date with software updates

      Keep your Pipette Manager running smoothly with optional software updates. Our updates not only fix any bugs that may arise, but will also introduce new features to enhance your experience. Be sure to check our software downloads page regularly for new updates to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. You can also use the Pipette Manager to keep your Xplorer, Xplorer plus and Xplorer plus Move It pipettes up to date.