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The discovery of monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs is a multistep process. Each level challenges with its own multifaceted methods, demanding protocols and sensitive samples. At the same time, you must comply with the benchmarks of the process itself. Driven to support you to tackle obstacles on every level, we offer you best fit solutions - for each process step of the entire workflow.

Selected product solutions allow you to execute key methods and to process samples according to their unique requirements. Optimally matched equipment facilitates the acceleration and streamlining of processes and the reduction of costs, while securing reproducible, high-quality outcomes.

From producing target antigens up to cell line development, you benefit from optimal centrifugation, smart lab solutions, high-performance incubators, smart cold storage and reliable liquid handling tools. Eppendorf’s solutions provide excellence at every step!

The most efficient way to tackle mAb discovery

This interactive tool will help you find the right solution for your mAb challenge.

By selecting your specific challenge and/or workflow step you can quickly and easily filter and browse available product groups and services.


The pharmaceutical laboratory is subject to many regulations. Our solutions support you in documentation, quality management, and monitoring of devices and conditions.


Maximum efficiency at every step paves the way for a timely market launch. Eppendorf‘s solutions are composed to streamline and accelerate your mAb workflow, and establish scalable processes.

Improve reproducibility and sample safety

Reliable quality is fundamental, as repetition is not an option. Our solutions and services help you to rely on the safety and integrity of your samples, on the performance of your devices and on the accuracy of your results.

Ebook: Tackling Monoclonal Antibody Drug Discovery

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