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    March - 30th June 2022

    Shaping the future through your discoveries

    At Eppendorf we are committed to improving the conditions of researchers and scientists working in the lab by providing high-quality consumables, instruments and services.

    Let’s shape the future together with our mid-year promotions.

    Beyond Limitation

    The Eppendorf Xplorer® and Xplorer® plus electronic pipettes are the ideal instrument if you need reproducible and accurate results while maintaining full control and fatigue-free pipetting.

    Save 20% on Xplorer and Xplorer plus single-, 8- and 12-channel pipettes.

    Stay Cool

    Eppendorf refrigerated microcentrifuges 5425 R and 5430 R offer you the ultimate in sample protection by maintaining 4oC even at maximum speed. Choose your model depending on capacity, speed or versatility.

    Save 15% on 5425 R and 5430 R rotor bundles.

    Challenge Accepted

    Do you want to learn something new with every experiment? 

    Choose the Mastercycler® nexus gradient PCR cycler to make essential discoveries.

    Save 37% on the Mastercycler nexus gradient PCR cycler 

    Own Your Solution

    Define your liquid handling

    From manual  single- and multi-channel pipettes to automated workstations, we have a liquid handling solution to meet your research needs and throughput. Read more.

    Exceed Your Limits

    Find your perfect fit

    Manage all your separation challenges with the addition of High-Speed and Ultracentrifuges to the Eppendorf portfolio. Find out more.

    Zero Compromise

    New! Cryocube® F440 Series ULT Freezer

    The efficient and reliable CryoCube F440 ULT freezers protect your samples by guaranteeing fast recovery and pull-down back to -80 °C. Learn more.

    epServices – Supporting You

    Instruments Service Program

    By looking after your Eppendorf instruments, you’ll get more service life out of them. Find out more about our instrument service plans.

    Pipette Service Done Right

    Why Eppendorf Pipette Service?

    Eppendorf offers a wide range of pipette services from an economic calibration to a certified calibration service in our ISO 17025 lab with the fastest turnaround times in the market. Learn More.

    Eppendorf Product Registration

    Be a Proud Owner of an Eppendorf Product!

    Register your Eppendorf products and receive extra benefits!


    From hit to lead discovery – we guide you through

    The discovery of monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs is a multistep process. Each level challenges with its own multifaceted methods, demanding protocols and sensitive samples. At the same time, you must comply with the benchmarks of the process itself. Driven to support you to tackle obstacles on every level, we offer you best fit solutions - for each process step of the entire workflow.

    Selected product solutions allow you to execute key methods and to process samples according to their unique requirements. Optimally matched equipment facilitates the acceleration and streamlining of processes and the reduction of costs, while securing reproducible, high-quality outcomes.

    From producing target antigens up to cell line development, you benefit from optimal centrifugation, smart lab solutions, high-performance incubators, smart cold storage and reliable liquid handling tools. Eppendorf’s solutions provide excellence at every step!  Discover more


    Centrifugation Solutions

    Optimal separation of your samples to produce fast and reliable results.


    Incubator & Shaker Solutions

    Let your cells grow under reliable and reproducible cultivation conditions..


    Liquid Handling Solutions

    Transfer liquids, bacteria and cells with reliable pipettes at highest accuracy and precision.


    Bioprocess Solutions

    Set up reproducible and scalable processes from bench to pilot and production.


    Smart Cold Storage Solutions

    Identify, track and store your samples. Monitor conditions, processes and freezer performance.


    Digital Lab Solutions

    Increase your productivity when handling routine tasks with smart lab management software solutions.