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WhatsNext 1/2022 Promotions: March - 30th June 2022

Pipette Trade-In Program

Trade-in and upgrade any brand and condition of pipette to save 25%.

Choose from our broad range of manual and electronic pipettes, and dispensers:

  • Eppendorf Research® plus manual pipettes
  • Eppendorf Xplorer® and Xplorer® plus electronic pipettes
  • Multipette® M4 mechanical dispenser
  • Eppendorf Multipette® E3/E3x electronic dispensers

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NGS Made Easy with epMotion® 5073 and 5075

The epMotion can automate your NGS library preparation to eliminate human pipetting errors for better results and increased productivity. ​

Save 10% on epMotion 5073t and 5075t NGS Solution incl. consumables​.

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37% off Mastercycler® nexus gradient PCR cycler

Do you want to learn something new with every experiment? 

Choose the Mastercycler® nexus gradient PCR cycler to make essential discoveries.

Now $5,280.00 (ex GST)

Was $8,330.70 (ex GST)

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Save 15% of selected refrigerated microcentrifuge bundles

Select from our most popular bundles

  • 5425 R knob or keypad with 24-place aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock® rotor
  • 5430 R knob or keypad with 30-place aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock® rotor
  • 5430R Bundle 4: knob version, incl. rotor F-35-6-30 and free box each of 15 and 50 mL conical tubes

Centrifuge 5425 R

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Centrifuge 5430 R

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Buy Selected Centrifuge 5910 Ri bundles with S-4xUniversal rotor and get BONUS items

FREE – 2 sets of aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock® caps and 2 sets of plate carriers with any S-4xUniversal rotor bundle

  • New 5910 Ri with 7" touch-screen interface
  • Choose your adapter combination to suit your workflow
  • Universal adapters for 5/15/25/50 mL tubes, 175-250 mL conical vessels and plates

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Fast and Reliable Mixing with 15% off

Choose from 3 ready to use Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C Bundles to suit your workflow

  • Tubes, plates or PCR 96 bundle

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Save 25% on New BrunswickTM S41i CO2 incubator shaker including universal platform Catalog No: S41I230141

  • Stable, uniform and vibration-free shaking: robust Innova triple eccentric drive
  • Saves gas and provides an optimal growing atmosphere: Smart gas control (0.2 - 20% CO2)
  • Increasable capacity: Two devices stackable

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Save 15% on CellXpert® C170i CO2 incubator, inner door with 4 door segments, handle right side, 1 – 20 % oxygen control

  • Catalog No: 6731001043
  • 180oC High temperature disinfection cycle
  • Award-winning design optimised for contamination control and ease of use

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25% off Innova® S44i Premium Incubated/ Refrigerated shaker bundles including universal platform and 1 inch orbit

  • More efficiency with extra capacity – shake faster to save time and cost
  • Ideal for high yield protein expression and plasmids
  • Stackable up to 3 without sacrificing speed or load capability

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BONUS Universal platform with Innova 42/ 42 R incubated/ refrigerated shakers with 1 inch orbit

  • High capacity in a small footprint - up to 5x 5 L or 2x 6 L flasks
  • Reliable 24/7 with high loads - Proven and tested Innova triple eccentric counterbalanced drive max. load 15 kg
  • Lab position flexibility - on or under bench, 2x stackable

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BONUS Universal platform with Innova 40/ 40 R incubated/ refrigerated shakers with 1 inch orbit

  • Compact benchtop model – fits easily on the bench
  • Triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive in cast iron housing provides vibration and trouble-free operation for years
  • Versatile universal platform accommodates flasks up to 3 L as well as test tube racks and microplate holders

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Protect your most valuable laboratory instrument!​

  • Extended Warranty Agreements cover all repair costs including parts, labour and travel.​
  • Add one year of extended warranty to any Centrifuge, ThermoMixer® C or PCR Cycler and receive 30% off the list price of the Extended Warranty Agreement.​
  • Must be purchased together with new instrument to be eligible for discount.​

Please contact your Sales Specialist for more details.​

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