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Photometry Performance Plans

Preventive Maintenance

The Photometry Performance Plans offer a choice of preventive maintenance services for consistent instrument performance and confidence in safety.

  • The “Essential Check” includes a check of all fundamental functions of the product.
  • The “Advanced Maintenance” includes all preventive maintenance services in order to keep the instrument in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

Certification Services 

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) certification services ensure your Quality Management requirements are fulfilled, providing you with qualified assurance that your Photometry Instrument is functioning correctly, in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.

Photometer Test

You are also able to verify photometric and wavelength accuracy and the respective precision using the Secondary UV-VIS Filter Set. In the event your instrument does not conform to specifications, you must have it checked and properly adjusted by a trained service technician. The filter sets themselves must be inspected every two years as part of a test equipment inspection as their spectral properties can change over time. Your filter set must be tested, maintained and certified directly by the manufacturer at Eppendorf‘s plant.