Eppendorf Moments

  • Irene Jan 21, 2021

    I am a retiree, so you might wonder why and what Eppendorf experience I have to share with the working community. The best I dare say! Trained as and working as a lab technician for all my professional life I came to appreciate a good pipette and there self-evidently accuracy but no less important, a pipette that is easy on the joints. After some years in the job working with different brands, my finger joints, the elbow and even the shoulder became increasingly aching. A visiting representative whom I told about the problem left me a trial set of Eppendorf pipettes and tips assuring me, that using these tools my worries would be over. And yes, she was right! The trial period was so successful, that from then on until my retirement I used “Eppendorf Pipettes and tips” thanks to which I retired with healthy hands and joints! Great stuff!

    Year – when did this happen: 1990 - 2015

    Location – where did this happen: Basel

  • Jéssica Hernandez Jan 21, 2021

    Since I started my master degree i had eppendorf pipettes and once someone gave me a pipette pen! I still have it and is one of my precious gifts from that time.

    Where did it happened? Granada, Spain

    Year – when did this happen: 2008

    Location – where did this happen: Barcelona

  • Winniw Jan 21, 2021

    My first time purchased and used electronic multiple channel pipettes. They were new to the lab I was working at and the next day I used, it was missing from the original storage location because my other colleagues also loved the ergonomic design. I ended up bought a few more sets for the entire lab as the set I bought was missing all the time!

    Year – when did this happen: 2014

    Location – where did this happen: USA

  • Helena Jan 21, 2021

    Every day I use (any) Eppendorf centrifuge (big or small) makes me smile because I like the stability of the centrifuges, the easiness of using them and also simplicity of the designs. (like all of the instruments of Eppendorf they are pleasure of the eye)

    Location – where did this happen: Leiden

  • Lucia Jan 21, 2021

    My Eppendorf Moment was a few years ago when I was a student. I wanted to spin samples at big centrifuge. I used "Short spin" but did not know that there is "deceleration" function and the centrifuge was set to minimal deceleration so I was waiting very very very long for the centrifuge to stop. More times per day.

    Year – when did this happen: 2013

    Location – where did this happen: Bratislava, Slovakia

  • Anna Jan 21, 2021

    Using the eppendorf pipettes during my internships in my university studies was my first encounter with eppendorf and thus pave the way for my future phd studies which I'm pursuing now. My eppendorf pen now reminds me of this starting point and the good old student times!

    Year – when did this happen: 2016

    Location – where did this happen: Universität Essen, Germany

  • Laura Pozzi Jan 21, 2021

    When I started to work as a lab technician in a pharmacological research laboratory, after graduation, I found in a drawer of the lab (where they used Eppendorf pipettes) a pipette-like pen, which was a gift sent with a pipette set they bought.

    I immediately felt in love with it, that I stole it from the lab! I still keep that pen at home, even though it is no longerv functional!


    Year – when did this happen: 2015

    Location – where did this happen: MILANO

  • Archontis Jan 21, 2021

    The first time i used the eppendorf pipette was in a molecular biology lab. This was my first lab experience as undergraduate student and eppendorf made it really interesting, comfortable and cool.

    I would really like to thank you. I love and support all the eppendorf products.

    Year – when did this happen: 2017

    Location – where did this happen: Alexandroupolis, Greece

  • LINA Jan 21, 2021

    Definitely the BEST pipettes ever!

    You can easily notice the difference in accuracy and efficacy (pipetting frequency) between eppendorf pipettes and other commercial ones. In experiments where volume accuracy is a must (i.e qPCR) I always make sure that I'm using eppendorf pipettes!

    Year – when did this happen: 2018-current

    Location – where did this happen: France

  • Bradley Jan 21, 2021

    With 2020 having such a promising beginning for me, the disarray of the COVID-19 pandemic changed my outlook. After securing a job to begin after my graduation in January, I was excited to begin my career in a microbiology lab. With the COVID-19 pandemic closing down the country and world, I lost my job and sense of normalcy for my world was turned upside down. After graduating from Walsh University in April, I was confused with and unsure of my future. Ironically, I was able to secure a position in a molecular microbiology lab testing the samples of COVID-19 patients. The same virus that resulted in the liquidation of my first job, gave me the opportunity to gain employment. Once I started working, I found that my lab used products from a company, “eppendorf.” At first I thought it was a goofy sounding name for a company but then I saw the importance of the products we use from them. Things like the epMotion and countless pipettes are necessary for my job. I am so grateful to have found back a sense of normalcy and happiness through eppendorf in my lab. I now look forward to the events of each day and take pride in the work I am able to do for my community in these troubling times.

    Location – where did this happen: Cleveland