American Scientist Wins 2019 Eppendorf & Science Prize


The American scientist Lauren Orefice, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School has won the 2019 Eppendorf & Science Prize for Neurobiology for her work on the causes and potential therapies for autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Royal Society of Biology Announces Winners of Photographer of the Year Competition 2019

RSB Photographer of the Year and Young Photographer of the Year award winners 2019

The Royal Society of Biology is pleased to announce the winners of their Photographer of the Year and Young Photographer of the year competitions.

Royal Society of Biology Announces Photography Competition 2019 Shortlist


Stampeding zebras, leaping beetles and a shivering polar bear feature in this year's Royal Society of Biology's Photography Competition shortlist.

Call for Entries for the Eppendorf Award 2020

01/10/19 - 15/01/20

The Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators, endowed with

20,000 EUR, is granted annually to an early career scientist in Europe for

outstanding contributions to biomedical research. It has been awarded, in

partnership with Nature, since 1995.

Free Webinar on Proper Pipetting

25/09/19 - 19/11/19

Protect your cells with proper pipetting – How liquid handling influences your cell culture work

Highlights of the 2019 Eppendorf Award Ceremony


Video with Reinhard Jahn’s laudation and Georg Winter’s scientific talk

NATURE Podcast with Georg Winter, Eppendorf Award Winner 2019


Georg Winter talks about his work on protein degradation

Free Webinar on Cell-Based Assays

22/07/19 - 10/09/19

From Cell Seeding to Analysis - Getting the Best Out of Your Cell-based Assay

Free q(PCR) Webinar

09/07/19 - 06/09/19

The bread and butter method of genomics - Learn how to improve your (q)PCR!

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