New Lab Start Up

    Congratulations on your New Lab!

    After many years of intense work, you have reached a milestone in your career! Then and now, we are here supporting you. To celebrate this important achievement, Eppendorf is extending to you a 10% credit when you purchase over $17,500 worth of Eppendorf products.

    Enjoy expert advice and incredible savings on the products you need to get your lab off to a great start. Our New Lab Start Up Program is designed to give you special savings on a broad selection of Eppendorf products, so there is no need for you to compromise on product quality when setting up your new lab.

    • Credit can be used online for a future purchase through Eppendorf's eShop
    • Credit worth 10 % of the sale price of your qualifying instrument purchases (not including tax and shipping).*

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    To redeem your credit, follow these easy steps:

    • Purchase at least $17,500 worth of items through Eppendorf or any participating dealer.
    • When the order ships, visit to submit your invoices.
      • All invoices must be submitted at once. Additional purchases cannot be added to the total at a later time.)

    • Receive your redemption code via email within 4–6 weeks.
    • Go to, add items to your cart, and redeem the code at checkout. Credit can be applied to any product sold on our eShop as well as towards shipping and taxes if applicable.

    Check out our most popular lab items below!

    Eppendorf provides scalable, high-quality liquid handling instruments by incorporating materials, design concepts and processes that support customers with consistent experiment accuracy, thus reducing downtime and costs.

    Manual Pipettes

    > Single-channel
    > Multichannel (8-, 12-, 16-, 24-channels)

    Electronic Pipettes

    > Single-channel
    > Multichannel (8-, 12-, 16-, 24-channels)

    Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipettes

    > Manual and electronic
    > 4-, 6-, or 8-channels


    Multidispenser (repeaters)

    > Manual
    > Electronic

    Bottle Top Dispensers

    > Manual and electronic

    Automated Pipetting Systems1

    > Nucleic Acid extraction
    > PCR and NGS setup

    From storage to processing, Eppendorf helps customers protect the most valuable assets in a biological/biomedical laboratory: the samples!


    > Mixing, heating, and cooling
    > All common tubes and plates


    > Microcentrifuges
    > Multipurpose centrifuges


    > DNA/RNA/Protein/OD600
    > Enzyme kinectics


    > 2D Gradient
    > Universal block

    ULT Freezers

    > ENERGY STAR and ACT label certified
    > On-board data and event logging

    To increase productivity and reproducibility, Eppendorf provides a wide range of reliable, precise, controllable and scalable cell growing devices from research and development to production.


    > ICSI
    > CRISPR

    Biological Shakers

    > Incubated and stackable
    > Open-air

    CO2 Incubators

    > High Temp Disinfection
    > Very low gas consumption


    > Save space and time
    > Seamless parameter optimization at all volumes

    New Brunswick™ S41i

    > CO2 incubator with a built-in New Brunswick shaker
    > Hight Temperature Disinfection

    Keep your samples safe. Take advantage of our complete sample management solution that protects your research through temperature management, sample tracking and data management.

    CryoStorage Vials

    > 3-level coding
    > Pre-racked and pre-capped

    F740hi ULT Freezer

    > On-board data and event logging
    > Unique user access

    Eppendorf RackScan

    > Automated data transfer to eLABInventory®

    VisioNize® Lab Suite
    > Device remote monitoring
    > Sample security
    > Data management
    > Maintenance scheduling

    eLABInventory and eLABJournal®1

    > Flexible Inventory and Sample Tracking System

    Eppendorf consumables stand for the high quality and purity. Eppendorf Consumables are manufactured without the use of slip agents, plasticizers and biocides, and are available in different purity grades for individual application demands: Eppendorf Quality™, Sterile, Protein-free, PCR clean, Forensic DNA Grade, and Biopur®.


    > epT.I.P.S.®
    > ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S.®
    > ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. SealMax
    > epT.I.P.S. LoRetention®
    > Microloader™
    > GELoader®
    > Combitips® advanced
    > ViscoTip®
    > Serological Pipets


    > Flex-Tube®
    > Safe-Lock Tubes
    > Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mL
    > Conical Tubes 15 mL and 50 mL
    > Conical Tubes 25 mL
    > DNA LoBind® Tubes
    > Protein LoBind Tubes
    > PCR Tubes
    > Fast PCR Tube Strips
    > Storage Boxes
    > CryoStorage Vials


    > Deepwell Plates
    > Microplates
    > Assay/Reader Microplates
    > DNA LoBind Plates
    > Protein LoBind Plates
    > twin.tec® PCR Plates
    > twin.tec real-time PCR Plates
    > twin.tec PCR Plates LoBind

    Eppendorf is committed to providing reliable services and tools to help you maintain premium performance, and maximum safety of our instruments and your applications. This includes a comprehensive range of carefully designed service solutions performed by our dedicated Application, Training, and Technical Service teams worldwide.

    Application Support

    Seminars and Training

    Technical Support

    Maintenance & Certification

    1Expectation of a New Lab Start Up is that multiple items will be needed to equip your lab and not just a single instrument. We reserve the right to limit or refuse credit based upon this expectation. All consumables, Service Contracts, eLABInventory and eLABJournal, epMotion® Liquid Handling Workstations, some New Brunswick bioprocessing product lines, DASGIP® bioprocessing product lines, and Eppendorf Cell Technology micromanipulation and microinjection products do not qualify for credit and are excluded from this promotion. Maximum redemption value $10,000.

    2Submissions are required to use an email address with an extension that matches the institution name on the invoice(s).

    3Invoices for the NLSU redemption will only be considered, if they were accumulated within a year from submission.

    4The value of this code must be redeemed all at once on the same order (if there is a remaining value it cannot be used again on another order). The value can be used towards products (at list price only), shipping and taxes if applicable.