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PCR-Cooler & PCR-Rack - PCR Cooler

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Say goodbye to unstable racks and ice buckets at your bench. PCR-Racks are ideal for safe sample transport and storage while the PCR-Cooler is perfect for keeping your samples cold throughout your PCR setup without using ice. Suitable for 0.2 mL and 0.5 mL PCR tubes and for 96-well PCR plates.

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          Transport or store your PCR samples safe and stable in the colorful Eppendorf PCR-Rack. Dedicate one color to each lab member for easy identification and reduced contamination risk. Handling several PCR tubes or tube strips can be cumbersome. Eppendorf PCR-Racks are a great help when dealing with numerous 0.1, 0.2, and 0.5 mL tubes and strips.

          The Eppendorf PCR-Cooler is a clean, easy-to-use, compact replacement for an ice bucket during PCR setup. Simply place the PCR-Cooler in a –20 °C freezer two hours before starting your assay and it will keep your samples cool for at least an hour. It also contains a temperature indicator that changes color when the temperature exceeds 7 °C. Ideal for protecting your samples during PCR setup.

          Cooling curve

          Temperature behavior of a precooled PCR-Cooler and a sample inserted at room temperature (the background color indicates the color change).

          Downloads: PCR-Cooler & PCR-Rack


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