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epMotion® 5075t NGS solution

Catalog No. 5075000962

Product Information

  • package with completely contained housing, MultiCon PC, Enhanced feature set 1, C2 thermal module, dispensing tools, plus NGS specific accessories, plus NGS specific consumables to start automated library preparation
  • 100 – 240 V ±10 %/50 – 60 Hz ±5 % (EU/AU/CN/GB/US), 0,2 µL – 1 mL

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  • Same as 5075t, plus
  • Industry-proven, large library of manufacturer and customer qualified NGS methods enables sequencing results comparable or better to those from manual preparation
  • Intelligent Tool Selection automatically decides which tools (single or 8-channel) to use for fastest run time – ideal when sample numbers change frequently or are not a multiple-of-8
  • Optimized bead clean-up on magnetic plate adapter to prevent carryover contamination
  • Email notification option keeps you informed about the status of your library prep run
  • Increased stacking capabilities for plates and tip boxes for more efficient use of deck space
  • Integrated, high-performance ThermoMixer and thermal module allow for efficient mixing and reliable temperature control
  • CleanCap option provides UV decontamination and HEPA air filter to protection samples from contaminations
  • Automating Next Generation Sequencing library preparation using epMotion provides reproducible results due to its outstanding pipetting accuracy (0.31 % at 1 µL) and precision (1.97 % at 1 µL) and by eliminating the risk of pipetting errors
  • Integrated LEDs for visual feedback of system status like idle, run in progress or run finished