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Cells in Motion

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How to optimize your shake flask and bioreactor cultures

Shakers and bioreactors are established versatile systems for cultivating microorganism, plant, and animal cells in suspension. Both methods aim at increasing the oxygen and nutrient supply in the medium to stimulate culture growth, but offer very different solutions in technique, volumes/throughput, control possibilities, and thus applications.

In this educational webinar, we will look at the biophysical background of both cultivation techniques, pros and cons, and areas of application. You will also learn how to optimize your process in shake flasks and bioreactors via proper choice of vessel type, vessel material, instrument configuration, and parameter settings. Additionally, we will introduce the use of feeding techniques bioreactors and have a glance on shakers too.

Target groups:

  • Experienced scientists looking for tips and tricks to improve their processes
  • Scientists new to cultivation of cells in suspension in shakers and/or bioreactors

Learning Objectives:

  • Review: Why shake or stir cells and an outline of system specific differences
  • Learn how to identify the right cultivation method, vessel type, vessel material, and instrument configuration for your specific needs
  • Learn how to define and optimize important parameters to improve culture results – incl. Tips & Tricks
  • Learn about feeding possibilities in shake flasks & bioreactors and their impact on your culture


Ines Hartmann, Application Specialist Cell Handling, Eppendorf AG
Ankita Desai, Bioprocess Field Application Specialist, Eppendorf North America, Inc.

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