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mAb-Discovery Bundle: Cell Culture Versatility Solution

Catalog No. S41I230112

Price CHF 20’290.00

Product Information

  • for Hybridoma cultures, antibody expression, and cell line establishment. Bundle consists of: 1x New Brunswick S41i, 170 L, (25 mm/1 in orbit), 1x universal platform and 2x sticky pads
  • 230 V/50/60 Hz (GB)

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  • Experimental flexibility: Perforated shelf allows for static incubation at the same time as shaking
  • Stable, uniform and vibration-free shaking: robust Innova triple eccentric drive
  • Saves gas and provides an optimal growing atmosphere: Smart gas control (0.2 - 20% CO2)
  • Ensures surface sterility: automatic high temperature disinfection and inner/outer door
  • Fast and reliable cleaning: Smooth, seamless chamber
  • Increasable capacity: Two devices stackable
  • Precise and easy control: Intuitive touch screen
  • Humidification included
  • Shaking speed 25 - 400 rpm (25 - 250 rpm if stacked)