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Micromanipulation/-injection and related products have been acquired by Calibre Scientific.

The products will be exclusively distributed by Calibre Scientific and its affiliates after May 2, 2023.

On March 2nd , 2023 Eppendorf sold and transferred the rights to produce and distribute the selected products listed below to Calibre Scientific GmbH, a subsidiary of the global life sciences company Calibre Scientific.

Eppendorf will continue selling the products until May 2nd , 2023. After this date, products will be available for purchase directly from Calibre Scientific and its affiliates. Eppendorf will support Calibre Scientific during a transition period to ensure a continuous availability and quality of products.

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To strengthen our core business and fulfill the rising demand for our products, Eppendorf decided to sell the product portfolio related to micromanipulation/-injection (see list of products affected below).

We are very pleased that with Calibre Scientific, our micromanipulation/-injection portfolio found a new and innovative home. Calibre Scientific is focused on providing best-in-class products for its life science, research and medical customers all around the world. For this reason, they acquired the micromanipulation/-injection product portfolio of Eppendorf. Going forward, they plan to invest in the portfolio and help it achieve new levels of growth.

Products affected

  • Micromanipulators: TransferMan® 4r/m, InjectMan® 4 and PiezoXpert® including accessories (microscope adapters and universal stand) and spare parts
  • Microinjectors: CellTram® 4r/4m and FemtoJet® 4i/x including accessories and spare parts
  • Microscope workstation vibration protection: Antivibration Pads
  • Microcapillaries: VacuTip I/II, TransferTip® ES/R ICSI/RP ICSI/F ICSI, Biopsy Tip I/II, Femtotips® , Femtotip II, Piezo Drill Tip ICSI/ES
  • Pipette tips for loading: Microloader and GELoader®
  • Electroporator: Eporator®

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the products or spare parts after May 2nd, 2023?‌

How does this affect warranty or existing service contracts for my products?‌

Whom should I contact for application support in the future?‌