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Microplate 96/U

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Catalog No. 0030601807

Price Kč 8,530.00



Product Information

  • wells black
  • PCR clean, white, 80 plates (5 bags × 16 plates)
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  • Black Eppendorf Microplates offer an excellent signal-to-noise ratio – for clear signals even with low-concentration samples
  • White Eppendorf Microplates are optimized for highest sensitivity in the detection of luminescence signals by maximizing reflection
  • Solid black and white assay plates are made of polypropylene resulting in high resistance to chemicals, mechanical stress, and temperature extremes
  • All plates are optimized for minimal autofluorescence and autoluminescence
  • Available in lot-certified PCR clean purity grade
  • Outstanding dimensional accuracy and high well-to well homogeneity for perfect automation suitability

Downloads: Microplate 96/U