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Lab digitalization – Connectivity and cloud-based working in life science

Man and woman working on mobile devices for remote lab monitoring
As our everyday lives continue to become more digitalized, the trend towards collaborative digital solutions for life science laboratories is increasing, with scientists looking to adopt more-centralized cloud-based technologies. That and the development of the internet of things (IoT) are revolutionizing life in the lab for researchers and lab staff across the globe.

Despite this new era of digitalization, many scientists and researchers still rely on spreadsheets or paper-based methods to keep track of their laboratory work. Aside from recording experimental methods and data, life scientists must also keep up-to-date with equipment maintenance and be able to quickly locate samples to minimize downtime and prevent disruption to lab work.

With this is mind, we ask the question, how can a paper-based method be a secure way of recording data and protocols when the risk of loss or inadvertent changes are so high? And, how can digitalization help overcome the most commonly encountered issues faced by scientists?

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