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Glass Bioreactors


About Glass Bioreactors


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Glass bioreactors from Eppendorf enable the scalable cultivation of cells and microbes in a controlled environment.

Eppendorf glass bioreactors are stirred-tank bioreactors with a working volume range of 60 mL to 10.5 L. The multi-port headplate of the glass bioreactors can be fully instrumented with sensors for temperature, pH, DO, level, and other parameters, as well as equipment for gassing, liquid addition, sampling, and harvesting. This enables precise process monitoring and control. Various impeller and sparger types make it possible to meet the specific needs of your culture in terms of mixing and gas supply.

Eppendorf offers single-use bioreactors for cell culture and microbial applications as well.

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What is a glass bioreactor?‌

What are the benefits of glass bioreactors?‌

How do glass bioreactors for the cultivation of mammalian cells and microbes differ?‌

Compatible with Eppendorf bioprocess controllers

Eppendorf glass bioreactors are compatible with our small and bench scale bioprocess controllers. The various controllers are suitable for different process requirements, from multi-parallel process development at a small scale, to scale-up, and the processing of culture sizes of many liters.

The Eppendorf small and bench scale bioprocess controllers allow for easy switching between glass and single-use bioreactors.

Eppendorf service for glass bioreactors

Glass bioreactor stirrer assemblies and head plates are equipped with numerous seals and O-rings to ensure a safe and sterile connection between the different parts. To ensure culture sterility, it is essential to exchange them on a regular basis. A preventive maintenance of the vessel and the stirring assembly notably diminishes contamination and performance problems. Eppendorf Bioprocess Performance Plans help you to maintain the optimal performance of your equipment over years of frequent use.