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Temperature Control and Mixing

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Eppendorf offers a wide range of high-quality, durable and dependable temperature control and mixing instruments to cover all requirements. 50 years of experience in the field of mixing and temperature control, and continuous further development, have made their mark in this generation of products.

A reliable sample preparation process is mandatory for any further downstream application. Mixing, heating, and/ or cooling are mandatory steps within literally every protocol. Quite often, volumes and dimensions of tubes and vessels differ along the protocol. Routine applications may be limited to one or two functions and one vessel type – research work may require all three functions and a variety of vessel formats can be expected.
A simple dry block can fulfill some needs but for real science, you need more.
The Eppendorf ThermoMixer C is our flagship – optimized for diversity in the lab. Your favored partner in sample preparation steps in the lab.

Without knowing where your samples are located, what is filled in which vial and what was done with these samples when and by whom – you are lost. Combine Eppendorf sample preparation instruments with documentation software like electronic lab notebooks.

Struggling with paper-based documentation?

The eLabJournal Electronic Lab Notebook offers an intuitive and flexible solution to document research and track research data like workflow processes where the ULT freezer is involved. Improve efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching, and archiving collected data. With the free eLabJournal add-ons, you can extend the functionality of eLabJournal to a fully integrated Laboratory Information Management System.

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