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General Terms & Conditions


By accessing Eppendorf UK’s website, you accept our privacy policy. You also accept that the use of our website may be monitored, tracked and recorded.
Any information given on Eppendorf UK’s website is for information purposes only. It is believed to be reliable and is subject to change without any prior notice. Products and services described may differ from time to time.

Eppendorf UK reserves the right to discharge an order if it is not corresponding with the general terms and conditions.
Eppendorf reserves the right to change without notice the data submitted by Eppendorf as a result of general changes to the products or generally for technical reasons, provided that the subject of sale is not adversely affected whether generally or in any respect which is important for the use and maintenance of the product.
Please note that all purchases made at this eShop are handled under English law and any legal disputes which may arise in connection with ordering at the eShop shall be settled at the English courts; Local Court DX 153620 Old Stevenage 2.
For commercial customers only. All prices VAT exclusive.


All product prices at the eShop are list prices and are without VAT, import duties, freight and handling fees etc. and can at any time be changed/regulated by Eppendorf UK, without notice.
The list prices are available in Great British Pounds (GBP) and your local currency according to the selected country under your registration at the eShop. The local currency will be updated as a total price at the end of the ordering process.


No minimum order value or handling fee applies to all purchases made from the Eppendorf UK eShop.


All orders will be invoiced from Eppendorf UK in GBP incl. 20% VAT. The payment will be due within 30 days from the invoice date, unless special agreement has been issued in writing. If an EAN number is entered instead of the CVR/VAT registration number under the invoicing details, the invoice will be sent electronically. Payment for orders placed via credit card are not accepted.


Delivery via the Eppendorf UK eShop is limited to the United Kingdom only.
When ordering from Eppendorf UK eShop the transportation will be booked by our distribution centre according to the weight and volume of the ordered items and shall be delivered for the account and risk of the buyer.
In general all products are in stock and your order will leave the distribution centre within 4 business days from Eppendorf’s acceptance of your order. All the details will be available on your order acknowledgement.


Claim of shortage, damaged products etc. must be made within 7 days from receipt of the order to Eppendorf UK. Please do accept the shipment from the carrier and sign for the shipment as damaged. Immediately contact Eppendorf UK, to report the damage. Please refer to your order confirmation number when you call and if you ordered using a purchase number, please also refer to this when contacting Eppendorf UK.


The limited warranty period depends on the particular product purchased. With the exception of the product groups listed in the following, a warranty period of 24 months following invoicing to the customer for all Eppendorf brand products.

Product group Warranty period (months)
Freezers (excl. accessories) 60
Manual pipettes 36
epMotion incl. accessories 12
Software 12
Replacement parts 12
Fermentors & Bioreactors 12

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The warranty for refurbished products is normally 1 year.
Please note that the guarantee does not apply for products which have been damaged due to mishandling and improper use.
We refer to the warranty/service information on this home page www.eppendorf.co.uk and the warranty papers received with the product at the time of purchase.


Sample packs/demonstration products are not available through the e-shop, please send your request via e-mail to: sales@eppendorf.co.uk.


Installation, demonstration and training are not included in the prices shown at the e-Shop but are available from Eppendorf UK on request. If a contact concerning installation, demonstration or training has already been issued, please refer to this with a remark when placing the order at the eShop.


Please do not return any items without prior approval from Eppendorf UK. If in any circumstance you should want to return a newly purchased product, this has to be reported to Eppendorf UK within 14 days from the invoice date and the return will only be accepted as new if the product is returned in the original, unbroken package.Eppendorf UK will not accept any invoices in relation to transportation of returned items. All return has to be done on the purchasers account and risk only.


Circumstances which preclude any claim for compensation and postpone the delivery date and/or payment date exist when breach of contract is caused by an obstacle beyond the control of Eppendorf which we could not reasonable be expected to have taken into consideration or avoided at the time of entering into the contract, nor could reasonably be expected to have overcome.


Please note, you cannot cancel or make changes to an order once it has left our distribution centre; until then, however, you may be able to modify your order. Your first step will be to contact Eppendorf UK Customer Care by sending an email to orders@eppendorf.co.uk include your order notification number and provide details on what you would like to have changed. An Eppendorf UK Customer Care representative will contact you regarding the status of your order and whether it can be changed.
In the case of goods which are manufactured or acquired specifically for your company a cancellation/change of the order will be handled according to the contract.

Additional bioprocess terms & Conditions

Further specifics and details when purchasing Bioprocess equipment

The following provisions shall apply in addition to the referenced terms and conditions of Eppendorf found in the tab “Terms & Conditions”. This text provides additional explanations for our range of Bioprocess products.

Prices are net excluding any applicable taxes or fees, such as, but not limited to, sales or use tax, excise tax, property tax, VAT, custom duty or associated fees, unless explicitly stated and/or specified by agreed delivery terms.

Delivery Time:
Delivery times are always an estimate. Expected delivery time will be confirmed by order confirmation after receipt of order, and may be subject to payment terms and other conditions of sale. Time of services to be rendered can deviate and will be scheduled separately.

Orders for goods and/or services can be explicitly fulfilled as partial shipments or separate instalments, which can be separately invoiced. Orders including services can be invoiced according to stage of completion of services to be rendered.

Warranty period of 12 months in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions. If not otherwise specified, warranty period starts with day of delivery or after installation, but not later than 60 days from shipment, whichever comes first. Date of delivery is defined as date of transfer of risk of ownership according to agreed

Services & Support:
Any offered installation support, start up assistance and/or commissioning of equipment will utilize space and/or utilities provided at site. Any preparation of installation site(s), such as, but not limited to, cleaning, connecting to utilities or other construction work, is not part of the provided support.

Cancellation Policy:
Eppendorf reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee to customer in case an order is cancelled before it was fulfilled complete by Eppendorf. A cancellation fee of 15% of total ordered value will be charged if order is cancelled within 4 weeks of order confirmation. A cancellation fee of 30% will be charged if order is cancelled after 4 weeks of order confirmation. A cancellation fee of 60% will be charged if order is cancelled after 12 weeks of order confirmation. If an order is cancelled after it was fulfilled, Eppendorf reserves the right to charge 100% of the ordered value. The cancellation policy is part of the payment terms. Responsibilities shall apply accordingly.

Intended Use and Regulatory Restrictions:
In absence of any intended use statement in documentation or other supplementary terms associated with offered goods and/or services, such goods and/or services are intended for research use only in bioprocessing applications and not intended for, including but not limited to, medical use, clinical or diagnostic use, or direct administration into humans or animals.
Offered goods are not registered for a specific purpose with any regulatory or governmental body, including but not limited to, as medical or diagnostic device.
Ultimate consignee/end-user is responsible to ensure that all applicable laws, local legislation, and any further regulatory requirements are respected, and that personal working with offered goods including those providing and/or receiving services have appropriate and required qualifications and permissions.

Export Control:
Offered goods may require an export license. Application of export license does require full disclosure of the ultimate destination of the goods, intended use, and other details specified from time to time. Offer is nonbinding, as well as other condition of sale will apply, e.g. restrictions for resale of the offered goods. Denial of an export license is regarded as force majeure with the right to withdraw from order. Delay will influence expected delivery time.