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DASGIP® Bioblock

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Lab space is critical: The Eppendorf DASGIP Bioblock provides a user–friendly solution for individual temperature control in up to four bioreactors with minimum space requirements and easy handling.

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    • 4-position heating/cooling block, max. temp. 99 °C
    • for 4 vessels
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    Catalog no. 76DGTBLOCK

    Product Information



    The compact DASGIP Bioblock combined with the DASGIP TC4SC4B Module for Temperature and Agitation Control provides an integrated solution for accurate and independent temperature control for 4 bioreactors with overhead-driven agitation.
    Each well is equipped with an individual electrical heating element featuring an integrated safety temperature sensor as well as separate cooling coils, activated by solenoid valves. A wide choice of DASGIP vessels suitable for the Bioblock is available (working volumes ranging from 200 mL – 2 L), including single-use vessels BioBLU 1c and 1f.