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Washing Pellets – It Works Faster with Electronic Pipettes!

Dr. Stefanie Rösel Lab Academy

Repeated pipetting back and forth for removing or pooling supernatants kills efficiency. And in today's high-throughput lab culture, every second counts. To make the most of every second, an electronic pipette has something in store for you: multi-aspiration. This mode can speed up routines - super convenient und incredibly easy. Find out how!

Back and forth, and back again

Washing of pellets and subsequent discarding of supernatants requires many individual pipetting steps. The same applies to pooling of protein, peptide or virus containing supernatants for subsequent analysis. This could take forever, depending on the quantity of your samples, as step by step supernatants are removed and discarded or successively transferred into a collection vessel. To remove supernatants, you have to juggle your concentration repeatedly back and forth between not only between various reaction vessels and waste containers, but also put strain on your arm to keep moving. This can become inefficient and exhausting after a while.

Multi-aspiration with an electronic pipette – surprisingly easy and efficient

The solution: multi-aspiration instead of pipetting repeatedly back and forth. You never heard about it? Multi-aspiration is the consecutive aspiration of equal volumes of supernatants in one pipette tip. Of course, at your desired speed and volume. If you already have an electronic pipette, check out this straightforward feature.

The multi-aspiration mode functions in these easy to follow steps:
  • Adjust the volume and pipetting speed
  • Aspirate multiple supernatants successively in one tip
  • Dispense or discard
  • Done!

Watch electronic pipetting video “Multi-aspiration with Eppendorf Xplorer® Plus”

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Multi-aspiration of equal supernatant volumes with an electronic pipe

Your benefits of multi-aspiration with electronic pipettes

Washing pellets and pooling supernatants for analysis with the multi-aspiration mode of an electronic pipette is superior to single aspiration with a manual pipette in many aspects:
  • Faster removal or discarding of supernatants
  • Simplified pooling of supernatants for analysis
  • Fewer mistakes due to focused concentration
  • Supports ergonomic work flow due to reduced arm movements

Electronic pipettes – absolutely innovative & comfortable to use

The multi-aspiration mode shows, that electronic pipettes can do a lot more than you think and are easier to handle. Several other functions are available to support your daily work. Visit Eppendorf’s handling solutions site regularly to find out more.

If you are interested in electronic pipettes, here is why it could be the perfect pipette for you:
  • No complicated submenus: instead of a complicated programming menu, our rotary wheel can help you select the desired function as quickly and easily as possible
  • An intuitive color display showing you all parameters can help identify the number of pipetting steps, pipetting speed and liquid volume at a glance

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