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Centrifuge 5427 R - Microcentrifuge

  • General Lab Product Version

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Eppendorf Centrifuge 5427 R is a high-speed, refrigerated microcentrifuge for high-throughput research. It doubles your tube capacity compared to a standard 24-place microcentrifuge thanks to its 48-place double-row rotor, while contributing to a more sustainable lab environment with its natural refrigerant.

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  • General Lab Product Version
  • rotary knobs, refrigerated, without rotor
  • 230 V/50 – 60 Hz (EU)
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Catalog no. 5429000010
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zł 29,710.00
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zł 36,543.30

Product Information

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Global warming and its consequences are one of the greatest challenges of our time. Hydrofluorocarbons, which have been used as refrigerants in cooling systems such as air-conditioners as well as laboratory centrifuges or freezers in the past, can contribute to global warming due to their chemical structure. To protect our planet for future generations, it is important to switch to much more environmentally friendly, "green" cooling agents − hydrocarbons. These natural coolants have a Global Warming Potential similar to CO2. To support this matter in the laboratory environment, Eppendorf now offers the first centrifuge in our portfolio with a natural refrigerant to protect your samples − and the planet.
The refrigerated microcentrifuge Centrifuge 5427 R was designed with high-throughput research applications in mind. With its aerosol-tight 48-place rotor it handles even the toughest challenges in a safe and reliable manner to provide you the efficiency boost you need. With speeds of up to 25,001 x g, this microcentrifuge is fast enough for all your molecular biology applications. All aerosol-tight rotors are equipped with the Eppendorf QuickLock lids for easy rotor lid opening and closing to enable safe centrifugation of hazardous samples. Choose the Centrifuge 5427 R if a 24-place microcentrifuge doesn't meet your needs regarding tube capacity and if you don't need the extra versatility our cross-over Centrifuge 5430 R can offer you.

Natural refrigerant inside!

Centrifuge 5427 R is the first Eppendorf centrifuge with hydrocarbon cooling. Hydrocarbons (HC) are also known as green or natural coolants. The two most commonly used representatives are propane and ethane (known as R290 and R170, respectively). The GWP of HC cooling liquids are more directly equivalent to CO2. R290 is a commonly used cooling liquid in large commercial cooling systems. Due to their superior efficiency and performance, the amount of green cooling liquids used is significantly lower than that of a similar system with classic cooling by HFCs. Due to these advantages, R290 and R170 are both on the SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy Program for substitution of ozone-depleting substances by EPA) list for approved coolants for usage in refrigerated
laboratory instruments such as centrifuges or even ULT freezers.

Soft-touch lid closure for ergonomic operation

No need to smash the lid or use unnecessary force − just a soft finger push and you are good to go!

Simple and safe handling

Our aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock rotors close with just one quarter of a turn. This not only saves you time during everyday use, it also takes strain off your wrist.

High–speed swing-bucket rotor for Eppendorf tubes

Perform gradient centrifugation or produce compact pellets with our unique swing–bucket rotor for 24 x 1.5 mL or 2 mL tubes with speeds up to 16,050 x g. Centrifuge hazardous samples safely and effortlessly thanks to the aerosol-tight QuickLock rotor lid.

New, brighly lit LCD

We did not only add a new display to our popular Centrifuge 5427 R but also new features to make your everyday lab life easier − like the one-push short spin button, the end-of run timer and an even finer time adjustment for runs <60 seconds.

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Disposal of packaging
The packaging of the centrifuge contains different materials, this can include a wooden pallet, cardboard, a plastic dust cover, and some foam parts. Recycling of materials becomes more and more important every day: Are you aware that nearly all cardboard material is recycled in Europe? Our centrifuge packaging cardboard material consists of approx. 50 % recycling material. Please support the global sustainability initiative of recycling valuable raw material by also collecting the freezer cardboard packaging material and disposing of it in the appropriate collection container at your organization. In respect to the plastic dust cover made of LD-PE and the foam parts, we recommend to select a dedicated recycling partner where PE material can be recycled. We suggest you contact your local waste hauler or facility management team to understand the available recycling options for your organization.

Disposal of instrument
Our centrifuges last for many years, but if they need to be replaced, we kindly ask you to fulfill local requirements for disposal of these instruments. We strongly recommend a certified local recycling partner with experience in instruments with active cooling. Keeping it "local" reduces the impact of transportation, and the "certified" aspect is recommended due to the safe and sustainable removal and recycling of the cooling liquids if it is a refrigerated centrifuge.

This piece of equipment was used in a laboratory and/or was used to handle biological samples. Please keep in mind to adequately decontaminate the equipment which needs to be disposed. Check local requirements. For more information, get in contact with your local biosafety officer and/or waste officer. Check if your local recycling partner has special instructions and/or documentation requirements. You may also use the Eppendorf decontamination form sheet as guidance.