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Process Analytical Technology

What is PAT? And how does it enhance upstream bioprocessing?

Process Analytical Technology - PAT - is used for bioprocess monitoring and control . The process data obtained from PAT can be used to identify the parameters critical for bioreactor performance, determine the optimal range for each parameter, and control process parameters in real time. Using PAT helps with the goal of Quality by Design (QbD), whereby the process itself is designed to ensure the desired product quality. Instead of just testing product quality at the end of the process, parameters are controlled in real time to improve the productivity and quality of the bioprocess and its product. PAT helps us gain a better understanding of the process and as a result improve process performance. In addition, control systems integrated with PAT allow for less repeated sampling, less chance of contamination, and reduced manual labor.

Which parameters can PAT be used to monitor?‌

Which sensor types are used?‌

The use of PAT for increasing upstream bioprocess efficiency

In this webinar we present strategies for in line process analytics that aimed at developing tailored control strategies for high process performance. Using automated glucose control as an example we explain, which bioreactor software features are needed to integrate analyzers and to implement automated feedback control loops and share hands-on experience.

PAT application examples

Here we highlight some application examples, in which the use of PAT and automated process control improved the bioprocess.

PAT used for glucose control

Glucose is one of the main nutrients required for cell productivity in bioreactor cultures. When integrated into a bioreactor control system, customized feedback loops can be developed, with the system adjusting the pump feeding rate upon changes detected by the sensor in order to maintain optimal glucose levels.

PAT used for monitoring cell density

Cell growth and viability are fundamental parameters in any bioprocess. There are various techniques to measure them. Real-time information on the number of cells or organisms and their viability can be used to implement process control strategies.

PAT used for monitoring the product and improving product quality

Formation of the desired end product is a key parameter for bioprocess performance. PAT can help in implementing control strategies to maximize product yield and quality.

Eppendorf PAT solutions for improved upstream bioprocessing

Integration of PAT, including third-party technology, into the Eppendorf bioreactor control SCADA softwared DASware® control and BioCommand® allows for effective bioprocess monitoring and control. These bioprocess control softwares