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ISO 8655 Verified – 16 channels

Catalog No. 0082000237

Product Information

pipette service, '3x4 as is' calibration, maintenance, '3x10 as left' calibration

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  • Decontamination from the outside
  • Calibration test for 3 volumes, 4 measurements per volume in the 'as is' condition
  • Preventive maintenance – internal & external cleaning, leak testing, lubricating of internal parts if applicable, and repair (parts replacements at an additional cost)
  • Calibration test of 3 volumes, 10 measurements per volume in the 'as left' condition
  • Pipettes and dispensers and package equipment need to be decontaminated before sending in
  • Adjustment, if applicable
  • Issuing of service report, calibration certificate and calibration label