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Close-up of Multipette® E3x multi-dispenser and Pipette Carousel 2 with several Eppendorf pipettes

Liquid Handling - Pipettes, Dispensers, Pipetting Robots & More

Our Pipettes are Built with Six Decades of Expertise

For more than 60 years, Eppendorf has been at the forefront of pipette technology, offering reliable solutions for laboratories all over the world. Pipettes are essential tools in the world of scientific research, facilitating precise, ergonomic and easy transfer of liquids. Our competence and expertise in liquid handling has resulted in many innovations, award-winning ergonomic designs, cutting edge production and the selection of optimal materials for our products.

The Eppendorf Liquid Handling Instrument Portfolio

Today, pipettes, dispensers and automated liquid handlers from Eppendorf are used wherever accuracy, precision, and absolute reliability are important. With our liquid handling systems, we strive to simplify cumbersome lab work and make it as safe and efficient as possible so you can concentrate on and accelerate your research.