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Application Support

In order to support our high standard in customer support at Eppendorf, you also have access to an internationally networked, scientific support team. This experienced team of application specialists is happy to help and advise you on all kinds of applications with the following laboratory tools:

  • Liquid handling instruments (pipettes, dispensers, automated LH workstations , etc.) and centrifuges as well as plastic disposable items such as Eppendorf reaction tubes and pipette tips.
  • Molecular biological instruments and complete systems for PCR including reagents, disposable plastic articles and instruments, nucleic acid purification (manual and automated) and UV photometry (instruments and disposable plastic).
  • Bioprocess instruments and plastic disposables incl. scalable hardware and software solutions.
  • In addition, our Online Lab Academy offers a wealth of information about applications and devices in our Eppendorf Application Notes, User Guides, FAQs, Videos, etc.

Our highly qualified, scientifically trained customer support is always there to help you with any questions you may have regarding our products. Contact Eppendorf Application Support.

Application Support for epMotion®

Are you having trouble with an automated protocol or are not sure how to optimize your epMotion® method?
Do you want to know which NGS kit methods are already tested, qualified and available for epMotion® ?
We are happy to advise and assist you with the programming of your epMotion® application to ensure an optimal result, or check the list of available methods .

Our highly skilled automation specialists are available for you when contacting the Eppendorf Application Support.