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Centrifuge 5425/5425 R - Microcentrifuge

Product Information

Eppendorf microcentrifuges 5425 and 5425 R are true laboratory standards. These whisper quiet 24-place microcentrifuges offer an outstanding set of features for a broad range of molecular and cell biology applications in Eppendorf and PCR tubes from 0.2 to 5 mL. The refrigerated Centrifuge 5425 R provides precise temperature control for processing temperature-sensitive samples with its advanced cooling system.

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    • rotary knobs, non-refrigerated, without rotor
    • 120 V/50 – 60 Hz (US)
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    Catalog no. 5405000646

      • keypad, non-refrigerated, without rotor
      • 120 V/50 – 60 Hz (US)
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      Catalog no. 5405000247

        • keypad, refrigerated, without rotor
        • 120 V/50 – 60 Hz (US)
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        Catalog no. 5406000240

          • rotary knobs, refrigerated, without rotor
          • 120 V/50 – 60 Hz (US)
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          Catalog no. 5406000640

          Product Information

          Technical Data


          These 24-place microcentrifuges have been engineered to be extremely quiet. Short runs up to 12 minutes are whisper quiet at an average noise level of 45 dB(A) and maximum speed of up to 21,300 × g. This is sufficient for centrifugation steps of most routinely used DNA/RNA purification kits. During longer runs the cooling fan works at full capacity to dissipate the heat for the remainder of the run. As successors to the popular Centrifuge 5424/5424 R, these two new models include everything you loved about the previous models, plus new rotors and software functions to make your everyday work more efficient and enjoyable.
          The improved cooling system of the Centrifuge 5425 R ensures optimal separation results and reliable cooling at 4 °C, even at maximum rotor speed. With a short pre-cooling time of only 8 minutes (~21 °C to 4 °C), the centrifuge is ready for operation when you are.

          Comprehensive range of 6 centrifuge rotors

          The comprehensive range of 6 rotors broadens the spectrum of applications of this microcentrifuge. It includes, for the first time, a swing-bucket rotor that accommodates 96 PCR tubes for quick centrifugation of droplets and condensate before and after PCR/qPCR. When harvesting bacteria and yeast, a fixed-angle rotor for 10 x 5 mL tubes with screw or snap caps is ready for you.

          Protect tube caps during centrifugation

          The Eppendorf Kit rotor F-45-18-11-Kit enables centrifugation of samples in 18 x spin columns and 1.5 or 2.0 mL tubes at a maximum speed of 18,565 x g. This unique rotor offers a solution for the most common problem associated with working with MiniPrep spin column kits, open tube lids shearing off during elution steps. This problem traditionally occurs because standard rotors do not provide enough support for open tube lids during centrifugation. However, the Eppendorf Kit rotor is designed with an extended rim that serves as a rest for tube caps during centrifugation and protects them from shearing off. Your tube lids will no longer tear off during centrifugation!

          Centrifuge rotor adapters for multiple applications

          The Eppendor Rotor FA-10 x 5 makes harvesting of bacteria, yeast or cell culture in Eppendorf Tubes 5.0 mL and the purification of DNA or RNA and plasmid DNA easy. The adapters which are additionally available also allow the centrifugation of 1.5 or 2 mL tubes as well as HPLC and Cryo tubes without even changing the rotor.

          Efficient lab and device management with VisioNize® Lab Suite

          Are you interested in monitoring your lab devices and receiving notifications e.g., for device alarms? A digital, connected lab offers even more.

          Gain access to a modular range of digital services and choose what works for your lab. VisioNize Lab Suite offers everything you need as a Lab Manager or Scientist to get started to digitally manage your lab for increased sample security, compliance needs and maintenance management.

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          Disposal of packaging
          The packaging of the centrifuge contains different materials, this can include a wooden pallet, cardboard, a plastic dust cover, and some foam parts. Recycling of materials becomes more and more important every day: Are you aware that nearly all cardboard material is recycled in Europe? Our centrifuge packaging cardboard material consists of ca. 50% recycling material. Please support the global sustainability initiative of recycling valuable raw material by also collecting the freezer cardboard packaging material and disposing of it in the appropriate collection container at your organization. In respect to the plastic dust cover made of LD-PE and the foam parts, we recommend to select a dedicated recycling partner where PE material can be recycled. We suggest you contact your local waste hauler or facility management team to understand the available recycling options for your organization.

          Disposal of instrument
          Our centrifuges last for many years, but if they need to be replaced, we kindly ask you to fulfill local requirements for disposal of these instruments. We strongly recommend a certified local recycling partner with experience in instruments with active cooling. Keeping it “local“ reduces the impact of transportation, and the „certified“ aspect is recommended due to the safe and sustainable removal and recycling of the cooling liquids if it is a refrigerated centrifuge.

          This piece of equipment was used in a laboratory and/ or was used to handle biological samples. Please keep in mind to adequately decontaminate the equipment which needs to be disposed. Check local requirements. For more information, get in contact with your local biosafety officer and/ or waste officer. Check if your local recycling partner has special instructions and/ or documentation requirements. You may also use the Eppendorf decontamination form sheet as guidance.