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High-Speed Centrifuge CR30NX - High-Speed Centrifuge CR30NX

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With very high speeds up to 110,000 x g and a capacity of up to 6 L per run, Centrifuge CR30NX is our premium solution for a large variety of applications up to the "entry level" of ultra-centrifugation. A selection of 8 different kits tailored to your applicational needs are available for Centrifuge CR30NX, containing a rotor and the appropriate consumables.

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  • refrigerated
  • 208 V/50/60 Hz (US (NEMA 6-30P)), 30 A
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Catalog no. 5721300013

Product Information

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With very high speeds up to 110,000 x g, Centrifuge CR30NX reaches g-forces that cross into the range of ultracentrifugation, making it the optimal solution for laboratories with a broad application range. From harvesting of biomass via continuous flow to separation steps of small particles such as viruses, organelles, extracellular vesicles or nanoparticles, the outstanding versatility and performance of this device covers them all.
The innovative 4 x 1.5 L Rotor R9A2 in combination with our unique triangular 1.5 L bottles helps to speed up the biomass harvesting workflow by reducing the amount of bottles that need to be handled. The large touch operation panel with up to 1,000 programs provides quick and easy operation. The user management and documentation function supports customers working in a regulated environment. Additionally, the self-locking rotor system with immediate rotor recognition ensure safe and convenient everyday operation of the device. When placing the rotor on the drive shaft, it is immediately recognized by the centrifuge, leading to the adjustment of the max. rotor speed. Several additional safety features, such as the rotor-cover detection, an imbalance detection or the door-interlock ensure the highest possible user safety.

Do you need centrifugation speeds of up to 110,000 x g?

Many applications, such as the separation of proteins, viral particles, organelles, exosomes or nanoparticles require high g-forces of up to 100,000 x g. With a swing-bucket and a fixed-angle rotor capable of 110,000 x g, you can now perform high-speed density gradient applications, such as rate zonal or isopycnic as well as cell fractionation applications without the need to switch to an ultra-centrifuge.

Do you want to harvest up to 6 L of biomass – or even more?

You have the choice between two types of 6,000 mL rotors and one continous flow rotor for harvesting even higher volumes of cell or microbiological cultures: Rotor R7A (6 x 1,000 mL) and R9A2 (4 x 1,500 mL), as well as rotor R10C2 (continuous flow).

Are you tired of time-consuming handling steps during the centrifugation protocol?

Our 1.5 L triangular bottle gives you great flexibility: No minimum filling level means you can spin samples between 0 mL – 1.5 L without worrying about bottle stability or the need to fill up your sample with additional media. No need to switch bottles or rotors anymore!

Additionally, the option to spin down up to 6 Liters in just 4 instead of 6 bottles reduces time-consuming handling steps such as switching to smaller rotors and precooling them, but also decanting the supernatant, resuspension of the pellet as well as cleaning the bottles after the centrifugation run.