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High-Speed Centrifuge CR22N - Your Everyday Solution

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With high speeds up to 58,700 x g (Rotor R27A) and a capacity of up to 6 L per run, Centrifuge CR22N is the optimal solution for your everyday centrifugation tasks. A selection of 4 different kits are available for Centrifuge CR22N containing the rotor and consumables tailored to your applicational needs including various swing-bucket and fixed-angle rotors.

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    • refrigerated
    • 208 V/50/60 Hz (US (NEMA 6-30P)), 30 A
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    Catalog no. 5721220013

    Product Information

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    Whether your work requires harvesting of biomass in volumes of up to 6 L per run, pelleting of cells, subcellular organelles or larger viruses, or extraction, precipitation, concentration and purification of nucleic acids in up to 50 mL tubes, the high-speed Centrifuge CR22N is the optimal solution to support your everyday centrifugation tasks.
    The innovative 4 x 1.5 L Rotor R9A2 in combination with our unique triangular 1.5 L bottles helps to speed up the biomass harvesting workflow by reducing the amount of bottles that need to be handled. The large touch operation panel with up to 30 programs provides quick and easy operation. The user management and documentation function supports customers working in a regulated environment. Additionally, the self-locking rotor system with immediate rotor recognition and sophisticated safety features ensure safe and convenient everyday operation of the device.

    Are you tired of time-consuming handling steps during the centrifugation protocol?

    Our 1.5 L triangular bottle gives you great flexibility: No minimum filling level means you can spin samples between 0 mL – 1.5 L without worrying about bottle stability or the need to fill up your sample with additional media. No need to switch bottles or rotors anymore!

    Additionally, the option to spin down up to 6 liters in just 4 instead of 6 bottles reduces time-consuming handling steps such as switching to smaller rotors and precooling them, but also decanting the supernatant, resuspension of the pellet as well as cleaning the bottles after the centrifugation run.