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Ultracentrifuge CP-NX Series - Ultracentrifuge CP-NX Series

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Widening the scope of your separation: The Centrifuge CP-NX Series. The flagship of our ultracentrifuge portfolio has been designed to make ultracentrifugation as safe and convenient as possible. With speeds of up to 803,000 x g (100,000 rpm), it is the optimal solution for nucleic acids, proteins, protein complexes, vesicles and viruses, just to name a few.

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  • refrigerated
  • touch interface, 208 V/50/60 Hz (US (NEMA 6-30P)), 20 A
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Catalog no. 5720110013

  • refrigerated
  • touch interface, 208 V/50/60 Hz (US (NEMA 6-30P)), 20 A
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Catalog no. 5720109013

  • refrigerated
  • touch interface, 208 V/50/60 Hz (US (NEMA 6-30P)), 20 A
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Catalog no. 5720108013

Product Information

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This centrifuge series consists of three models: Centrifuge CP100NX, CP90NX and CP80NX1), all of which share the same great range of user-friendly and innovative features along with a comprehensive rotor portfolio, making them your indispensable companion for all high- to ultra-speed applications.
The unique Automatic Rotor Life Management System (RLM) significantly increases the lifetime of the rotors by automatically tracking the exact run times on the internal rotor memory, making handwritten rotor logs a thing of the past. The self-locking rotor system eliminates the need to manually tighten the rotor, enabling quick and easy rotor exchange within seconds. The non-contact imbalance sensor ensures safe operation, while the possibility to balance samples by eye (up to 5 mm)2) eliminates time-consuming sample balancing via scale.
The large touch display with a quick start up time of only 6 seconds stands out with its intuitive, multilingual operation, offering three-level user management and documentation of runs. The additional option to pre-program up to 1,000 programs supports multi-user labs as well as laboratories working in GxP/GLP compliance.

1) The CP-NX models are available with max. speeds of 100,000 rpm (CP100NX) / 90,000 rpm (CP90NX) / 80,000 rpm (CP80NX), respectively.
2) Except Rotor P21A2
Rotor life maximized

The Automatic Rotor Life Management System (RLM) digitally tracks rotor run times on the rotor, eliminating the need for manual logs. In addition, The precise tracking of rotor speeds and run times maximizes the lifetime of the rotor and ensures long-lasting performance.
Balancing of samples is now easier than ever

You can simply balance your samples by visual check only (within 5mm difference between samples, excluding rotors S140AT, S110AT, S80AT3 and S50A). The powerful non-contact imbalance system monitors the vibration of rotor and drive shaft at all times. In case of unusual vibrations, the sensor is activated and the run is stopped immediately.
Easy operation via touch screen

The large touch screen enables a quick and intuitive operation of the device, offering various functions such as programs, user management, run logs and many more. The touch screen is ready to go in just 6 seconds (minimum) after switching on the device – no waiting time anymore, even if the device was switched off!
Tool-free rotor installation

The self-locking rotor system locks the rotor by centrifugal force, you can simply place the rotor on the drive shaft and that’s it! No need to lock the rotor with a rotor key or push a button to release it.
The easy choice

Finding the right rotor for your application can be quite tricky. Our comprehensive rotor and consumable portfolio matches your applications – and our sales force is always happy to help, too, to make your selection as easy as possible.
Your lab instruments in perfect order and qualified with Eppendorf Services

We are committed to providing reliable services and tools at your location. This includes a comprehensive range of carefully designed service solutions performed by our dedicated manufacturer-trained and certified Technical Service teams worldwide.Learn more!