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About »ISCC PLUS« Certification

ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is a global certification program for circular economy and bioeconomy. The certification enables traceability along the entire supply chain

ISCC PLUS enables market participants and producers from the food and feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and bioplastic industries to obtain sustainability certificates. With an ISCC PLUS certification, companies ensure that the entire supply chain from agriculture to the finished end product has been audited. The certification is also applicable to products based on waste, residues and recyclable materials.

ISCC supports the transition to a circular economy and bioeconomy and brings many benefits to businesses and the environment like e.g.:

  • Traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Proof of identity of raw materials
  • Clear and third-party verified information
  • Strengthening consumer confidence through independent certification system

More information: www.iscc-system.org

About »ACT« Certification

Independent Validation
my green lab. provides independent validation and certifies lab products with »ACT – The Environmental Impact Factor Label« as a third party organization. Meanwhile, Eppendorf has a growing number of ACT validated and certified Eppendorf products, e.g. different tips, tubes, ULT freezers, pipettes, and more to come.

More information

»The ACT Label was designed to address the need of both scientists and procurement specialists for clear, third-party and independently verified information about the environmental impact of laboratory products. By emphasizing Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency (ACT) around manufacturing, energy and water use, packaging, and end-of-life, ACT makes it easy to choose more sustainable products.«

More information

Eppendorf Tube BioBased, epTIPS BioBased and twin.tec PCR plate BioBased with ACT certificate

How to Identify Eppendorf Tubes® BioBased, epTIPS® BioBased and twin.tec® PCR plates BioBased?

* The screw caps are actual fossil-based material. The material switch will be made to BioBased in 2024.

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