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Do you have any questions relating to managing your myEppendorf account, registering your devices or collecting epPoints? Please check our tutorials or FAQs for these topics.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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myEppendorf Account FAQ

Can’t sign in to your my myEppendorf account?‌

Why do I need a myEppendorf account?‌

How can I get a myEppendorf account?‌

How can I change my personal data?‌

Can I open more than one account?‌

How can I deactivate my account?‌

Who guarantees the security of my data?‌

epPoints FAQ

Which products have epPoints stickers?‌

How do I register epPoints codes?‌

Will my collected epPoints expire?‌

How long does it take to credit the points to my account?‌

How can I check my epPoints status / account balance?‌

How do I redeem my collected epPoints for rewards?‌

How long does it take until I receive my rewards?‌

Is redeeming my epPoints free of charge?‌

How do I register for epPoints?‌

Can I participate in the epPoints program even if my country does not participate?‌

Can I transfer epPoints to another account?‌

Product Registration FAQ

What are the advantages of Product Registration?‌

What's the difference between an epPoints code and a Product Registration code/serial number?‌

What types of Eppendorf devices can I register?‌

How do I register my Eppendorf device?‌

Where can I find the serial number and the registration code?‌

Where can I find the 2D code?‌

I have lost my registration code. Can I also register pipettes and dispensers using the serial number?‌

The system tells me that the number/code is not valid. What can I do?‌

I’m getting an error message saying that my device has already been registered, but I am sure that I am the first person to register it. What can I do?‌

I get an error message that I made five incorrect entries and that my account is locked. But I would like to register more devices. What can I do?‌

How can I de-register a device?‌

Can I register devices of other brands?‌

Can more than one person register the same device?‌

Can I transfer my registrations to a colleague?‌

My company is the owner of the device. Am I allowed to register it?‌

*Note: If your Eppendorf device is not supplied with a 2D code you can still register your device manually with the help of the serial number. Simply choose the option "Enter Serial Number".
For any instrument with nameplate, please find the serial number for registration on the nameplate on the back, side, or bottom of the instrument. For any pipette or dispenser, please use the registration code attached to the Eppendorf Certificate delivered with your product.

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