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Well thought-out tools for pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories

Challenges of today's pharmaceutical labs

Developing the cures and treatments for tomorrows growing and ageing population requires hard work and new thinking — from target screening allthe way to drug development and regulatory clearance. Getting from ideas to grown-up solutions requires determination, passion and excellent tools. Eppendorf’s tools for the laboratory have been among the finest and best for 70 years.

Drug Target Identification

Whether coming from global protein profiling, protein-protein interaction profiling or other sources, careful target selection is the first step to avoiding side effects, increasing efficacy, and understanding the mode of action of drug candidates. Creating chemical analogs, optimizing the binding affinities of new drug candidates from an often micromolar level to e.g. the nanomolar level, choosing compound clusters — all these measures have to be taken to develop the drug candidate to the next stage.


Antibody production
Antibody production

Integrated processes include host cell, expression vectors, transfection and selection methods.


Protein biochemistry from amino acid composition all the way to physiological roles in organisms