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The “why” is one of the key questions for every scientist. Beyond the standard working steps in the lab, there are aspects which are of interest, especially about sustainability in the lab. Aspects which are commonly not part of trainings and studies in universities, which are not described in an operating manual or product brochure, where the colleague fails to answer but which are important for real life in the lab. 

All these kinds of questions are of interest for you because you are a scientist. Scientists are curious, we always want to know, always want to understand, always try to get the full picture. The “we did it like this for ever” style or that shrug “there is always that effect, get used to it” does not make us feel happy.

How to improve the situation? 

We at Eppendorf believe in the power of science and share your enthusiasm for it. With decades of experience, Eppendorf has gained a reputation for ensuring reliable and reproducible results. Countless working hours of engineers, chemists, molecular biologists, biotechnology experts, and other colleagues flow into the development of Eppendorf instruments and consumables – thus creating a large pool of invaluable knowledge and experience in the fields of Liquid Handling, Cell Handling, and Sample Handling.
Over the last years, we learned a lot about sustainability in the lab. Knowledge we want to share.

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