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»Eppendorf is a IUC contracted supplier«

The Inter-University Council Purchasing Group of Ohio, frequently called IUC-PG, is a purchasing consortium comprised of the purchasing officers of the state institutions of higher education.  Founded in 1964, the IUC-PG creates and maintains purchasing agreements for use by its 87 members (the 14 state universities, 15 community colleges, 8 technical colleges and 51 independent educational institutions).  The purpose of the IUC-PG is to achieve standardization of requirements, methods of operation, and to buy at optimum quantity discounts.

Eppendorf’s entire product catalog is covered by IUC contract UN17-091.  Eppendorf is eProcurement ready and can establish a custom catalog for your organization with the IUC discounts.

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  • See a list of eligible institutions by visiting the IUC-PG site. Click here
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