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Centrifuge and Rotor Service

Preventive Maintenance

Eppendorf offers a choice of preventive maintenance services and service agreement options for consistent instrument performance and confidence in safety. 

New: Global Centrifuge Service Agreements from cost-efficient to all-inclusive care packages for easier service process, maximized uptime, and peace of mind!

Our new comprehensive service agreements:

  • “AdvancedCare” includes a full annual preventive maintenance service program for assured instrument reliability and uptime; 20 % discount on parts, labor and travel; 10 % discount on additional services (e.g. IQ/OQ) during the agreement period
  • “PremiumCare” includes a full annual preventive maintenance service program for assured instrument reliability and uptime; unlimited travel, spare parts and labor on repairs included in the agreement; 10 % discount on additional services (e.g. IQ/OQ) during the agreement period

Qualification Services

New: IQ/OQ GxP: For customers working in regulated environments we now offer our specifically created and revised Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification services including GxP compliant documentation. These provide you with qualified assurance that your instrument is not only functioning correctly, but also in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.

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Eppendorf support member executes centrifuge rotor inspection service

Centrifuge Service Agreements

Service Agreements 

Ordering Information


For assured instrument
reliability and uptime


For assured instrument reliability,
uptime and financial plannability

Microcentrifuge w/o refrigeration 0082 020 325 0082 020 320
Microcentrifuge with refrigeration 0082 020 326 0082 020 321
Multipurpose centrifuge w/o refrigeration 0082 020 327 0082 020 322
Multipurpose centrifuge with refrigeration 0082 020 328 0082 020 323
Vacuum Concentrator 0082 020 329 0082 020 324
Full preventive maintenance 1/year 1/year
Software update (during annual maintenance, if applicable)
Priority Support*
Discount on parts, labor, travel 20 % included
Parts, labor & travel included -
Discount on additional services (e.g. IQ/OQ) 10 % 10 %

Info: Our service offers may differ by country. Please contact your local service representative for more information.
*Subject to local business conditions, and based on a best effort’ practise. For more information please contact your local service organization

Rotor Assurance Plans

Rotors and buckets are subject to normal wear and tear during regular operation and may be damaged as a result. Surface scratches, among others, can affect the chemical resistance and accelerate the corrosion process. The stress of high number of cycles increases the likelihood of microscopic cracks.

These micro-cracks can be detected early on during a qualified inspection, which will allow the rotor to be exchanged before serious damage has occurred. Our certified, qualified service technicians use sophisticated borescope devices to detect invisible, yet critical, cracks and scratches. If none or very few surface changes are identified, the rotor can be used according to instructions - or for an additional year if the inspection was performed at the end of the recommended service life.

How to take regular care of your centrifuge. (Borescopy inspections of rotors are only available in selected countries.)

Rotor Inspection Services
Ordering Information
Recommended service periods Fixed-angel rotors Swing-bucket rotors and buckets
Visual rotor inspection Annually 5424 860 109 5810 860 113

Order Number for obligatory check of rotor according to country-specific regulations: 5424 860 150