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Bioprocess Autosampler


The Bioprocess Autosampler takes samples from multiple bioreactors and stores them tempered for later analysis. It is compatible with glass and single-use bioreactors operated with a DASbox® Mini Bioreactor System or a DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor System.

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  • base unit, single head, with accessories
  • for 4 vessels, 1.6 m
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Katalog-Nr. 7700200007

  • base unit, dual head, with accessories
  • for 8 vessels, 2.0 m
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Gain Better Bioprocess Data with Less Effort:
Often you need to take a sample from your culture, not only when the bioprocess is finished, but also while it is still running.
Using the samples you can observe how your culture is growing, how your desired product is produced, and to what extend nutrients are consumed. Like this, you can take action, if needed and to discover interdependencies between these and more parameters. Delegating the sampling task to an autosampler facilitates sampling 24/7 in short and regular intervals and like this gaining complete datasets.

The advantages of automated sampling:
Short and regular sampling intervals help obtaining strong datasets. Regular measurement of process parameters, the cells' status, and the concentration and quality of the product is the basis for a comprehensive view on the process. Such information is indispensable for process optimization.

Automated sampling

• Facilitates sampling 24/7 in regular, short intervals
• Time is freed up for other tasks
• Automated sample storage reduces risk for human error

Sampling Procedure

• The Bioprocess Autosampler holds one sampling port per bioreactor
• Tubing connects the sampling port with a dip tube in the bioreactor
• Sampling ports harbor a septum, which preserves the sterility of the bioreactor
• For sampling, a needle connected to a syringe is automatically inserted into the port, pinching through the septum
• The sample is transferred to a sampling vial by pinching through a septum in the vial lid

Compatible Bioprocess Control Systems

The Bioprocess Autosampler can be installed with new as well as retrofitted to existing bioreactor control systems.

DASbox® Mini Bioreactor System
• Parallel processing of up to 16 bioreactors*
• Compatible with glass and single-use bioreactors
• Working volume: 60 – 250 mL

DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor System
• Parallel processing of up to 16 bioreactors*
• Compatible with glass and single-use bioreactors
• Working volume: 200 mL – 1.8 L

* First release with 8 vessels only

Downloads: Bioprocess Autosampler