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Increase Your Creativity by Stretching

Lab Academy

Stretching is one of the most natural movements utilized by almost every creature on the planet. Cats and dogs are natural experts in stretching and you would not see one of these animals rising from a nap without stretching. Many of us stretch in the morning but forget to during the day. Stretching after a workout is also recommended, but some of us tend to skip it. The consequences of neglected stretching can be substantial. But why is stretching important and which benefits do we gain from regular stretching?

Typical working positions today are either standing or sitting. In laboratories worldwide, people stand at the bench and then sit at a desk preparing orders, writing reports, or evaluating experiments. Both positions are tiring when done for too long and can lead to tension in certain muscles. Most common are a shoulder tension and a pain in the neck many of us often suffer. Additionally, after long working hours, certain stiffness enters our body and we feel tired and unable to move as flexibly as we did in the morning.

One way to conquer these issues is through exercise. Going to the gym after work seems like a good compensation. But unfortunately, a balance between work and exercise is not a given. Working for 8 hours or more in a partly static position cannot be negated by 30-60 minutes of activity in the evening. Reduced flexibility and range of motion, as well as pain in multiple body parts, can be the consequences.

To reduce these effects, regular movement during work and the stretching of muscles is important. Only a few minutes during the day, during a coffee break, after lunch, and in the afternoon, can quickly have a positive impact on your overall well-being. We put together a set of exercises everyone can perform on their own or together with colleagues to benefit from relaxed muscles and more energy day by day. Watch our video and join us in practicing some stretching exercises!

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Stretching increases blood flow in the muscles which leads to better oxygen transport. You will feel more awake and fresher in the body and mind. Your body gets a boost of energy that affects your thinking too, so you might feel more creative after stretching.

Furthermore, stress can be relieved since endorphins are released during stretching, which can lead to a sense of tranquility and slight euphoria. When you stretch regularly, you improve your flexibility and range of motion. All muscles are lengthened and relaxed so that your overall posture improves. This reduces the risk of injury or development of muscular pain, such as repetitive strain injury (RSI), a widespread malady of the lower arm, hand, and wrist among pipette users.

So stretching the muscles needed for pipetting is essential when pipetting for long hours. Stretching the arm, wrist, shoulders, lower back, and neck is most important to maintaining flexibility in these areas. Repeated stretching will ensure long muscles and reduce tense, stiff, or hardened muscles after a working day.

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