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How to prevent contamination in the cell culture lab

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In order to prevent contaminations in cell cultures, it is imperative that equipment be thoroughly cleaned, or exchanged, after work with each cell line. Sterile technique is still the overarching principle wherever cell culture is concerned. Many obvious and perhaps not quite so obvious potential sources of contamination exist in the lab. As mentioned earlier, contamination is not limited to contamination with prokaryotic cells or fungi, but it also includes cross-contamination with cells from other cell lines.

Virtual Cell Culture Lab

We invite you to enter our lab to see the potential sources of contamination and find out what to do in order to protect your cells against contamination.

Video - Preventing Contamination in the Cell Culture Lab

As preventing contamination is an everyday task in a cell culture lab we furthermore invite you to watch this tutorial video which gives you some helpful practical hints on how to prevent contamination in your cell culture lab.
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