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DASware® analyze

Product Information

The integration of cultivation units, laboratory analyzers and autosamplers enables increased insight to the processes and a broad range of automation solutions for bioprocessing. Eppendorf DASware analyze thereby leads process engineers to a more efficient process development.

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Single Devices (5)

  • serial/Modbus integration (e.g. for external biomass sensors), license for 1 vessel
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Catalog no. 76DWANAM

  • license for 4 vessels serial/Modbus integration including cable, (e.g. for ext. biomass sensors)
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Catalog no. 76DWANA4M

  • cable and license
  • for 4 Aber® Futura® sensors
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Catalog no. 76DWANA4AF

  • cable and license
  • for 4 Hamilton® Fogale sensors
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Catalog no. 76DWANA4HF

  • OPC client standard (OPC DA e.g. for external analyzer), for 1 vessel
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Catalog no. 76DWANA

Product Information


DASware analyze enables seamless integration of sampling and analytical laboratory devices to the bioreactor system. A broad and growing range of analyzers can be integrated, among them nutrient analyzers, cell counters, biomass monitors, HPLC and mass spectrometers. The OPC network protocol as well as the Modbus® protocol allows for interconnectivity between the bioreactor system and the analyzer, including the possibility of direct feedback from the bioreactor system according to online measured analytical data. This facilitates feedback control loops for nutrients, biomass or product concentrations. Online calculations as well as event- and data-driven decisions are supported. The bidirectional OPC communication, available for supporting devices enables sampling on demand and process-dependent analyzer panel selection.

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