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DASbox® Mini Bioreactor

Product Information

Small working volumes save valuable material and medium in process development and screening procedures. The Eppendorf DASbox Mini Bioreactor is a fully instrumented mini bioreactor featuring industry standard design and advanced control functionalities.

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  • DS0250ODSS, 60 – 250 mL, overhead drive
  • marine-type impeller
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Catalog no. 76DS0250ODSS

  • SR0250ODLS, 60 – 250 mL, overhead drive
  • 2 Rushton-type impellers
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Catalog no. 76SR0250ODLS

Product Information



The DASbox Mini Bioreactor is an industry-standard autoclavable glass vessel featuring a multi port stainless steel head plate and a powerful direct overhead drive. With working volumes of 60 – 250 mL it is perfectly suited for process development in cell culture and microbial applications and ready for use with the Eppendorf DASbox.

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