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Fibra-Cel® Disks

Product Information

Fibra-Cel disks are a proven support system used to increase yields of suspension and anchorage-dependent cultures. Fibra-Cel is also available for use in disposable bags, shake flasks and other bioreactor systems.

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Catalog no. M1292-9974

Catalog no. M1292-9984

Catalog no. M1292-9988

Catalog no. M1292-9992

Product Information



Fibra-Cel is a solid support growth matrix for mammalian, animal, and insect cells, used predominantly for production of secreted products such as recombinant proteins and viruses. Fibra-Cel enables sustained long-term periods of high-density growth in perfusion, without danger of clogging; and eliminates the need for cell filtration to separate cells from the end product.

HEK-293 cells grown on Fibra-Cel disk at day 7 of the growth cycle
High-resolution micrograph of a Fibra‑Cel disk indicating the polyester mesh with polypropylene support

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