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Eppendorf Quality

Eppendorf consumables labeled with "Eppendorf Quality" fulfill everything expected of reliable, easy-to-handle consumables.

With the aid of high-quality base material and permanent checks during production, pipette tips, Eppendorf Tubes® and Eppendorf Combitips advanced® in "Eppendorf Quality" are ideal for many tasks in the lab.

Which requirements does Eppendorf Quality fulfill?

  • High precision and accuracy guaranteed by precise molding of pipette tips and Combitips advanced. Each lot of pipette tips and Combitips advanced is subject to gravimetric measurement during final testing. Low wetting ensures reliable volume readings and minimal adhesion.

  • Excellent piston running properties in the Combitips advanced for low effort and precise liquid handling (this is crucial for minute volumes).

  • It should be possible to open and close micro test tubes using one hand only, without sample material being contaminated.

  • Micro test tubes are highly stable, even when exposed to extreme mechanical or thermal strain.

  • Tests on micro test tubes and Safe-Lock tubes are carried out several times on a daily basis to check vapor tightness, lid-opening force, wall strength, force required to pierce the lid as well as resistance to centrifugation.

  • High resistance to centrifugation and sealability of deepwell plates and microplates.

  • All production tools are subject to frequent checks at regular intervals in order to guarantee consistent quality throughout the entire production period.

  • Most production steps, from the completion of the goods through to packaging, are fully automatic. Manual intervention and all subsequent risks caused by contamination are virtually ruled out.

  • Good resistance to chemicals of consumables for flexible use for different applications.

  • Pipette tips, micro test tubes, deepwell plates, microplates and Combitip cylinders are made of PP (polypropylene). PP is a relatively inert plastic characterized by low wettability as well as high dimensional and mechanical stability across a wide temperature range. Other plastics, such as PE (polyethylene), are also used for example for the Combitips advanced pistons. This is due to the fact that ideal running properties between two parts can only be achieved by using two different types of plastic.

Note: For Eppendorf plastic consumables in "Eppendorf Quality" we provide a general certificate only.

Download your general certificate of "Eppendorf Quality"