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Keep Track of Precious Samples with a Freezer Inventory System

Identification, documentation, and secure long-term storage

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When handling hundreds, thousands or even more samples in research laboratories you need a systematic approach: Samples need to be collected, vessels to be labeled, both to be combined with additional information, information needs to be documented, vials with samples need to be stored at -80°C for later research purposes.

A reliable sample storage process is mandatory for any further downstream application. Without knowing where your samples are located, what is filled in which vial and what was done with these samples when and by whom – what shall you do? By combining the longevity and quality of our existing freezers with digital lab solutions, we have designed a new and more secure way to store your high value samples.

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Identify your sample‌

Identify your sample – quickly and easily

Reliable sample identification – your starting point for good results: The Eppendorf SafeCode™ system provides prelabeled, barcoded cryovials, also known as cryo vessels, with 3-level coding in multiple formats to safeguard your samples and improve your processes. Be flexible by using different volume classes (0.5-4 mL) and purity levels.

Lab worker scanning samples to be stored with our freezer inventory system

Sample ID needed?

Easy and fast sample recognition for safe sample ID by 3-level coding:

- 1D barcode (side)
- Clear coding (side)
- 2D data matrix code with ECC 200 error correction (bottom)

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Sorting vials?

Up to 96 pre-racked and pre-capped vials for convenient handling.

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Scanning more than one in parallel?

The RackScan scans complete Cryostorage vial racks from the bottom.

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Track your samples and processes‌

Store your samples‌

Sample condition monitoring and freezer performance‌