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BioBLU® 3f Single-Use Bioreactor

Catalog No. 1386000900

Product Information

  • fermentation
  • macrosparger, 3 Rushton-type impellers, no pH, non-sterile, 1 piece

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  • Working volume (total): 1.25 L – 3.75 L (5 L)
  • Sterilization: Autoclavable, no pre-sterilization
  • Recommended agitation speed: 25 – 1,200 rpm
  • Max. operating temperature: 45 °C
  • pH sensor: Standard glass sensor (225 mm)
  • DO Sensor: Polarographic DO - 12/220 mm
  • Head plate ports: 4x Pg 13.5, 1x harvest tube,1x thermowell, 1x sample port, 3x liquid addition overlay, 1x liquid addition submerged, 1x gas sparge, 1x gas overlay, 1x exhaust, 4x baffles
  • Exhaust condensation: Water-cooled
  • Gas supply: Sparger and/or overlay

Downloads: BioBLU® 3f Single-Use Bioreactor