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BioBLU® 1f Single-Use Bioreactor

Catalog No. 1386110200

Product Information

  • fermentation
  • open pipe, 2 Rushton-type impellers, no pH, sterile, 4 pieces

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  • Working volume (total): 250 mL – 1.25 L (1.8 L)
  • Sterilization: Pre-sterilized (15 kGy β-irradiated)
  • Recommended agitation speed: 100 – 1,500 rpm
  • Max. operating temperature: 45 °C
  • pH sensor: Standard glass sensor (220 mm)
  • DO Sensor: Polarographic DO - 4.7/229 mm
  • Head plate ports: 3x Pg 13.5, 1x harvest tube,1x thermowell, 1x sample port, 3x liquid addition overlay, 2x liquid addition submerged, 1x DO sensor port with permeable membrane, 1x gas sparge, 1x exhaust, 4x baffles (incl. cooling water connection)
  • Exhaust condensation: Liquid-free cooling (Peltier)/water-cooled
  • Gas supply: Sparger

Downloads: BioBLU® 1f Single-Use Bioreactor