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New Brunswick™ Innova® 42

Catalog No. M1335-0012

Price € 10.440,00



Product Information

stackable up to 2-fold, 230 V/50/60 Hz (CN/EU), orbit 2.5 cm (1 in)

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  • High capacity in a small footprint: for example, 4x 5 L or 2x 6 L flasks on universal platform; device footprint 4731 cm2 /733 in2 (63.5 cm/25 in width, 74.5 cm/29.3 in depth)
  • Ergonomical and safe interface handling: Top mounted controls and display make bending down unnecessary during handling, avoids accidental parameter changes, and can be reached easily even in a double stack
  • Easy to clean: Spill diverter and drainable built-in spill pan with rounded corners protect the drive from accidental spills (can be used as a water reservoir to reduce sample evaporation); airflow UV-germicidal light optional
  • Lab position flexibility: Lab position on or under bench, 2x stackable
  • Parallel static cultivation: One height adjustable static shelf included, optional culture drawer and additional shelves available
  • Sample evaporation protection: Bottom spill pan usable as water reservoir; optional culture drawer, for Agar plates, for example
  • Visual sample control: Large viewing window and internal light provide easy viewing of samples without the need to open the door
  • Reliable 24/7 with high loads: Proven and tested Innova triple eccentric counterbalanced drive (three weight-supporting shafts), max. load 15 kg
  • Programmability: Continuous, timed, or multi-step programming (15 steps), store up to four programs
  • Options and Accessories: Orbit 19 or 25 mm, photosynthetic light bank, UV germicidal light, culture drawer for evaporation protection of Agar plates, additional static shelves (one included), humidity monitoring, remote monitoring with VisioNize® Lab Suite and more