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BioFlo® 320

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The BioFlo 320 is a universal controller for bioprocessing at bench scale. It is suitable for cell culture as well as fermentation applications and can be used with glass and BioBLU® Single-Use Bioreactors. Powerful technology for precise process monitoring and control, a large working volume range, and software features that save time and reduce risks make it a reliable partner for developing robust processes and moving them from R&D to production.

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        The BioFlo 320 is highly configurable to suit your requirements
        The BioFlo 320 offers the highest level of application flexibility, made possible by features like universal connections for analog and digital sensors, up to six integrated pumps, a highly configurable gas flow control, and compatibility with a wide range of glass and single-use bioreactors.
        • Suitable for the cultivation of human and animal cells, including stem cells, as well as microbial fermentation.
        • Supports batch, fed-batch, continuous, and perfusion mode.
        • Suitable for many applications, including the production of cells, secreted proteins, viral vectors, plasmids, and small molecules.

        The BioFlo 320 seamlessly connects R&D to production
        The BioFlo 320 is compatible with a wide selection of glass and single-use bioreactors, providing working volumes from 400 mL to 40 L on a single platform. In combination with the BioFlo 720 bioreactor control system, the BioFlo platform supports one of the widest range of single-use solutions, allowing the scale-up of your process to up to 2,000 L.
        • Integrated Scale Up Assist software feature simplifies the calculation of important process parameters necessary to scale up and down.
        • Validation packages are available for GMP-regulated processes.
        • Emerson® DeltaV integration with the BioFlo 320 simplifies tech-transfer, scale-up, and recipe sharing.

        Integrated software assistants save time and mitigate risks
        Monitoring the controller and the process is key to successful process development. The BioFlo 320 software is designed to provide you with the status of both.
        • Alarm functions automatically inform about the status of the process.
        • The diagnostic screen provides information on the hardware status and upcoming maintenance.
        • Auto Calibrate – automatic calibration of all connected DO sensors at once reduce preparation time and ensures consistency.

        Intelligent Sensors

        • Integrated Mettler Toledo Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) platform
        • Universal connections for up to four analog or digital (ISM) sensors
        • pH: analog or digital (ISM)
        • DO: analog or digital (ISM)
        • Optical DO: digital (ISM)
        • Redox: analog or digital (ISM)
        • CO2: digital (ISM)
        • Real-time sensor diagnostics anticipate sensor failure

        Advanced Software Solutions

        • Control eight units from a single user interface
        • Automatic gas mixing algorithms for simplified control (4-gas, 3-gas)
        • O2 enrichment, N2 enrichment
        • Ten-point cascade feature for sophisticated control strategies
        • Built-in elapsed fermentation timer for batch management
        • Trend display with up to twelve process values within a single view
        • Remote access via PC or tablet

        Small footprint

        From R&D laboratories to pilot-scale production facilities, space is an important factor when selecting the right equipment. The BioFlo 320 offers flexibility, better control, and maximum functionality while occupying a fraction of the valuable lab space of similar systems. This means greater efficiency and productivity at a lower operating cost for your lab.