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From Ownership to Usership – Your Digitalization Journey to the Future Lab

Lab Academy

Prelogue: In the world of science, Eppendorf is known as a lab instrument manufacturer - our pipetting solutions are worldwide known, as well as our centriguation solutions and other lab equipment you need for liquid, sample and cell handling, though, the world is changing and new technologies are out there which ease our lives, in the private realm as well as in business. Everyone seek for modern simplicity and customized solutions to meet individual needs. There is an ever-growing need for digital software services and the connected lab offers maximum freedom and peace-of-mind. Question is: Can you get this in one digital tool?

In this webinar we would like to highlight Eppendorfs stake in digitalization and our customized digital offering called VisioNize Lab Suite. Our solution will give you time to focus on what is important, your science! Join our webinar to learn more about how you can customize your digital transformation and get insights into VisioNize Lab Suite in a short live demonstration.

Target groups:

  • Lab managers, scientists who are seeking for innovative digital solutions for the individual lab environment
  • Companies in the life science, seeking for a partner in their ecosystem
  • Purchasing departments of institutes to learn more about digital solutions accessible through a subscription plan

Date & Time:

  • 7th of December 2021, 9 am CEST


  • Petra Lederle, Head of Digital Transformation Office