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Numerous vaccine technology platforms evolved over the past few decades. Today, addressing disease outbreaks and protecting the immuno-compromized provides population severe challenges and at the same time harbors significant growth potential.

Traditional whole-pathogen vaccine platforms, which require the cultivation of the pathogen, have a proven track record for many diseases. The newer generation of vaccine platforms like recombinant protein and the new era of nucleic acid-based vaccines solely need the pathogen’s genetic sequence. By significantly increasing the speed of development and manufacturing processes they open up new potential for a plethora of indications and a vaccine development process in a speed that has never been achieved before.

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It All Started in 1500 BC

The history of vaccination begins with the fight against smallpox as early as 1500 BC. Chinese doctors ground up pieces of smallpox crust from infected people into a powder that was administered as a snuffing agent. People from Asia and Europe immunized themselves by transferring the vesicular contents of smallpox to healthy people.

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